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Films for Lawyers about Lawyers

A Lawyer Walks Into A Bar

A Lawyer Walks Into A Bar is a lurid tale of lawyers and lawsuits and America's fascination with both. To sue or not to sue, that is the question. The documentary explores the influence of the law and its practitioners on American culture, while following six characters as they do whatever it takes to become lawyers themselves.

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The Law Student's Corner

Do you feel university training did not quite prepare you for the world of work? Here's an interesting podcast that helps you reflect upon the transition from university to the world of work in American Law Schools. Integrating Practice Management Tools in Law...



UPCOMING LEGAL ENGLISH COURSE - Universidad Católica Argentina




Introduction to ILEC is a suitable intermediate-level course for students to gain acquaintance with the vocabulary of the main areas of international commercial law. This course can take them to the point where they can start preparation for the Cambridge ILEC examination.

The course develops the four key skills of reading, writing, listening and...


Legal English Services

-     Legal English Courses: Introduction to Legal English, English for Contracts, English for Company Law, Academic Legal English.

-         ILEC preparation; Introduction to PLEAD  - Program for Legal English Academic Development -

-         ILEC Preliminary Courses

-         Training & Support for Legal English Instructors

-         Legal...


Dedicated to the needs of lawyers in the international world.

 Legal English Update provides Law undergraduates seeking a job with a competitive edge. Law firms and employers tend to look for lawyers with a solid command of English together with an appropriate command of the specialised language of lawyers.      

 Legal English Update  is aware of the competitiveness of the world of work. Lawyers may be willing to switch jobs at...