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Training For Legal English Instructors - 2008














Want to teach Legal English?

Let me help you.


by Cecilia Irrazábal

This seminar is aimed at helping teachers who are willing to get started in this developing ESP field: LEGAL ENGLISH

Attendants will receive help in understanding the law, especially in the areas included in the International Legal English coursebook and Cambridge's ILEC exam

Also, the instructor will provide materials for classroom use and some practical tips on how to teach English for lawyers and law students.


Comments Training For Legal English Instructors - 2008

I'm an ESL teacher who had never been in contact with legal English until I started delivering classes at a law firm.
Being aware of my weaknesses in this area, I started searching for tools that could help me survive!
This seminar gave me a friendly approach to a field I was really  afraid of.   Now I feel much more confident. I strongly recommend it.
Cecilia Cecilia 24/07/2009 at 18:23

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